Emily Kerns

Position title: PhD Student

Email: kerns3@wisc.edu

Emily joined the lab in Summer 2021 and began the Integrative Biology PhD program at UW-Madison in Fall 2021. She is passionate about all-things evolution, with an emphasis on aquatic ecosystems. Currently, she is interested in understanding how plastic epigenetic responses regulate gene expression and contribute to adaptive traits and fitness in threespine stickleback. As an undergraduate at the University of North Florida, she was a research assistant in Dr. Matthew Gilg’s lab investigating the selection dynamics of a killifish (Fundulus) hybrid zone. After graduating, she held multiple seasonal positions with the US Forest Service as a Biological Science Technician, collecting ecological data for long-term environmental monitoring programs. Whenever Emily isn’t studying eco-evolutionary dynamics, epigenetic gene regulation, and adaptation genomics, she can probably be found at the dog park, setting up a campsite, or watching a scary movie.

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